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The story of Metric…

Creative Director Tamara Bowman began as a freelance designer in 1999.  Working with clients to design their spaces was her passion, however she noticed a disconnect in the industry. Her ambition to produce the best design and overall project experience for her clients often felt challenged by the lack of unique products available, running all over the city to make simple product selections, and by the friction between suppliers, sub-trades, clients, designers, and contractors.

Finally, out of a desire to provide something better for her clients she began taking on her own projects acting as designer, contractor, and project manager combined, and was relieved to see a more seamless experience happening, proving to be a great benefit for everyone involved. This is where the concept of Metric grew from, the aspiration to bring all suppliers, products, sub-trades, contractors, and designers under one roof to work together as a team for the client.

Although the undertaking was incredibly daunting (and would be much easier to follow the same pattern as the rest of the industry), Tamara’s determination to create something that was better for her clients rose above anything else. She envisioned a hub for designer products, designers and industry professionals to collaborate/partner, plus offer a simplified option for clients. One spot to come for everything, making the design and renovation process simpler, less stressful, and more fun for the client. As a result Metric opened in 2011 in Saskatoon, and since the day the doors opened, Metric has been providing a superior experience for their clients. The ability for clients to work with a designer on their dream project, selecting materials and reviewing drawings all in one beautiful location with a coffee in hand has been extremely well received by Metric’s new and existing clients.



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