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The best way to get to your amazing feel-good space is to start out on the right foot. A consultation sets the project into action. It is the time for you and your designer to connect and discuss project dreams and needs, learn about each other, and navigate the best action to get your project rolling. Consultations can booked in the showroom or on site to gain a first hand look at your project, and are generally complimentary and an hour in length. Beyond this meeting and to your project rolling, a tailored project proposal will be provided to you.

On the other hand an ideas meeting is a one time meeting to generate and secure ideas for you to run with.


Let’s get started…

Initial Meeting Options

Design + Build/ Renovation



Any design + renovation/ new buildup of a home or commercial space. Paired with Metric’s key team members, the project can be taken from initial concepts to full build out and completion.

Interior Design



Home or work, your space is where you live, breathe and function throughout your life. Your designer architects all the special details for you, telling your story through a space.

Architectural Technology


One wall at a time our puzzle masters create your masterpiece and with a careful focus on the finicky details, the technologist creates a fully designed home, ready for construction.
Interior Decorating



From tailored draperies, to the perfect furniture & original artwork, to walls covered in bold patterned wallpaper, an interior stylist can put all of the fabulous final touches on your space, and give you that wow feeling.
Interior Design/ Decorating Ideas



Just need some ideas to get you rolling? A one time meeting, all about ideas, and is generally one to two hours in length. Additional time may be purchased if desired.
Kitchen Consultation



3 in-house cabinetry lines are offered, assisting you in selecting the perfect combination to suit your needs.

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