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To initialize the project, we begin with a ‘Consultation’ and then a ‘Project Initialization Meeting’. Here we go through our process with you, cultivate a relationship and understanding, listen to your needs and project requirements, and we learn about you as our client. From here we put together a project scope which details the work proposed and the rates involved in the entire project. You can have consultations booked in our showroom or we will come on site to gain a first hand look at your project.


There are 4 main types of Project Initialization Meetings which can either be in-store or on-site:


Interior Design Project In this type of project, you will be paired up with a Metric Design Associate, and the main focus would be on space planning, drawings, and finish selections. There are no considerations for renovation details, structural changes, or building requirements. Additionally, this project will be overseen by Metric’s Lead Designer.
Renovation and/or Large Interior Design Project This project focuses on any renovation or new build that is considering a large part of the home or commercial space. In this meeting you will meet with Metric’s Lead Designer and one of our talented Metric Design Associates who will both be involved in the project. The project is generally geared towards full “Interior Design” requirements. This means renovation or building requirements will be considered and some structural adjustments.
FREE Kitchen Consultation Here we work together to design a tailored kitchen for you. We offer custom kitchen designs when purchasing through one of our exclusive kitchen manufacturers NEFF Kitchens, or Hertco. Our focus is innovative design, ideal finishes, and supreme functionality.
Design Ideas or Decorating Ideas Consultation Here we work through some initial recommendations and develop on-the-spot ideas and solutions. This can consist of furniture placement, paint or fabric selections, space planning, etc. and is generally one to two hours of design time.

Here are some points to think about when you are thinking about working with a Designer…
  1. Interior design vs decorating.    Interior design is the art and science of understanding people’s behaviour to create functional spaces within a building.   Decoration is the furnishing or adorning of a space with fashionable or beautiful things. In short, interior designers may decorate, but decorators do not design. Interior design is a marriage of right brain and left brain, of creativity and art with analytical and project management skills.  This is truly what we do. There is so much calculating and planning in every detail that it truly is an undertaking when designing any project, but that is why we do what we do…WE LOVE IT!
  2. Why hire a designer?  Is the value in getting the longevity and enjoyment in having the right products selected for you? Is it the stylish end result that you can benefit from everyday? How about the creation of a completely functional layout and customized storage solutions to meet your needs? Decide where the most value is for you so that you can best direct your designer.
  3. What style are you going for? If you can answer this question right away, that is a great starting point. If not, spend some time finding out. The design process for you and your designer will be a lot quicker and smoother if you have a direction to point your designer in! This is beneficial because it saves you money as the designer wastes less time trying to guess these things. Try using Metric’s Houzz Page This is a great site to start helping you to find out your likes and dislikes. You can tag a few photos and then share your idea book with your designer.
  4. Why Metric?  This is a great question, as it is important for us to know why you are drawn to our style. This helps us to better understand what you value in our service and how we can grow and prosper in our relationship with our clients. At Metric we do our best to be proactive and we constantly take the initiative to learn as much as we can about our clients needs. We educate ourselves daily on products, procedures and client requests so that we can always put our best foot forward.
  5. Understanding what is all involved.  If anything seems unclear then please ask. Communication is our best tool and it is important that we are all on the same page throughout. Both building and renovating will be challenging! The process is not all “roses”, but ultimately both parties need to trust in the process. There will be challenges, it is just part of it, but trust that we all will work to resolve issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  6. Which Designer will be assigned to your project?   At Metric we have a large team of Designers and it is our goal to always pair the designer and the client that are most suited. Please feel free to request the services of a particular designer and if the timeline and services align we would be more than happy to accommodate your request.
  7. What type of services are offered?  Metric Design Centre offers a wide array of services so that we can help our clients on whatever level required.  We can do smaller scale consulting which includes a few ideas to get you going in the right direction or we can design and build your fully customized dream home. Services include floor plans, renderings, lighting and ceiling design, colour consulting, space planning, furniture design & selection, finish selection, paint schedules, cabinetry design, storage solutions, new layouts, project coordination, renovations, etc! Plus we strive to be product experts and know as much as we can about every product on the market, so that we can best direct you in your decision making. As we offer full renovations, Metric Designers are trained to work with practical options and solutions. Our goal is to provide accessible designs with a cutting edge feel.  Yes, working with a designer you pay a bit more for innovative design in product and service, but the end result if fabulous, functional, and unique.
  8. Are you wanting to work with particular contractors, trades and suppliers?  Our goal is to simplify the process for you by providing the entire package. We have the ability to supply any of the required professionals required to complete your project such as Architects, Engineers, Technologists, and Contractors, but that being said, we are happy to accommodate any requests that you might have for us utilizing your own contacts. We have spent many years building strong local relationships within Saskatoon and we are excited to keep that growing.
  9. Understanding the difference from TV vs reality.  CAUTION! Not everything is as it appears. While reality TV has grown an increase in exposure for our profession, it has also grown a fair amount of false hope. Both building and renovating are challenging, stressful and very expensive! This is not what is portrayed on TV so many client s are shocked when their space can not be completed for $2500! This is the exact reason that we have the offerings that we do. We want the process to be as enjoyable and as easy as possible and we want you to have a fantastic space in the end!
  10. Worried about being pushed out of your comfort zone?  We found this quote that says it perfectly… “If you’re hiring a designer for their creativity and expertise, you have to trust them, especially if you don’t want to end up with a totally boring, flat space. If you have checked out their work, feel like you click, and know you need help… let go! A great designer will not force you into agreeing to something you do not want to live with, but they will push the envelope and get you out of your box.”
  11. Will we work within a budget?    Absolutely! The important detail here is that you know and understand the market and are realistic in what you are asking for within the budget. In any case we are here to help you to be able to determine what is possible.
  12. Knowing what costs are associated. At Metric we work on projects that have a very large range of services. The consultation is the first step and the project has different costs depending on the location and the designer’s involved. Please inquire.  After the initial meetings, we will narrow down the total cost for our hourly service.
  13. Where is the value? The value in hiring a designer are vast, and the key points are:
  • Less costly mistakes
  • Less guessing and uncertainty
  • Less time involved for you
  • Less stress for you
  • Products that truly suit your needs
  • A well coordinated space
  • True functionality
  • A fabulous end result

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