Get to know the Metric Design Centre staff!

The office at Metric is bustling with busy designers and staff working on all kinds of projects, ever wonder what they think about? Get to know them a little better with some industry related and general questions! Tune in every Tuesday for the next 5 weeks to hear about 2 more from the Metric team!


Tara Holcomb – Assistant Director, Associate Designer
Q: Was there a moment you knew interior design was for you?
A: Looking back, there are so many moments in my life that led me to where I am now in my career. I can’t say I can pinpoint a specific moment, but looking back and realizing that when I was 13, and my favourite “computer game” was 3D Home Architect, I should have known where my life was headed!
Q: What is a challenging design obstacle you have worked through:
A: An incredibly small, outdated, and dysfunctional bathroom! We had to come up with a new layout that still had a separate toilet area, soaker tub, and shower, as well as a vanity with double sinks. And one entire end of the room was a bay window! It took many tries to come up with a more functional and spacious solution than what they currently had, and once we did, and demolition began, we ran into issues with not being able to move the plumbing and electrical where we needed to. In the end, that problem caused us to get even more creative with the space, and our solution became one of the greatest features in the room.
Q: Chrome or brushed nickel?
A: Chrome! I love its reflective quality and can easily add a touch of glam to any space.
Q: What is a must see movie for you?
A:The Devil Wears Prada, and really, that is a hard one to narrow down! Now that we are in the Christmas season, not a year goes by that we don’t watch Home Alone. ”
Q: MAC or PC?
A: MAC!!!! For pulling together inspiration and concept documents, it is much quicker and easier.

Katia Deforrest – Junior Designer
Q: Do you have a favourite material you have used in a project?
A: For cabinetry white is going strong and my favourite look is the sleek high gloss white cabinets accented with warm wood tones.
Q: Countertops: Quartz or Granite?
A: I love both, but if I have to choose for myself I would go with quarts because of its maintenance and durability.
Q: Do you have a favourite design magazine?
A: Architectural Digest & Azure. They are inspirational and I love how they touch an all parts of design, from architectural to furniture to lighting  etc.
Q: Coffee or Tea?
A: I love the smell of coffee; not so much the taste though. Tea on the other hand… so warm and comforting, and so many delicious flavours to choose from!!
Q: What is your favourite flower?
A: I love lilies!

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