DID YOU HEAR??? Metric Design Centre applied for a Saskatoon Sabex award!

We would like to share with you some of the great letters of support that we have received from some of our interior design clients & local businesses. Thank-you so much to all of the wonderful people that took the time to write a note for us at Metric. Our business has been involved in so much growth and change in the past year and we are so grateful for your help and support us along the way!


It is with great pleasure that Bella Vista Developments supports the nomination of Metric Design Centre for the SABEX New Business Venture award. We work with Tamara Bowman and her staff providing project management for their renovations. At Metric Design, they have a collaborative environment which enhances the quality of their design and is a positive experience for us to be a part of. The projects we’ve worked with Metric on have allowed us to grow our business by offering more steady work for our trades-people and the opportunity to do such detail-oriented work is extremely rewarding. Throughout our working relationship, we reflect back to see what went well and what each of us could improve on for the next project. This is just one example of how Metric is always striving to improve service and satisfaction.

Metric Design Centre offers a one-stop shopping experience, a brilliant concept when driving to a variety of suppliers is time consuming and expensive. Clients are welcomed with a cup of coffee and can sit down and brainstorm design concepts and select product from a wide variety of suppliers. Metric’s innovative approach takes many of the hassles out of the renovation process. We wish Metric Design Centre the best of luck as they are more than deserving of the SABEX New Business Venture award.

Sheena Sinclair & Jeremy Sinclair
Bella Vista Development Corp.
PO Box 22080 RPO Wildwood  |  Saskatoon SK  |  S7H 5P1
Cell: 306.280.5767  |  Fax: 306-979.1269


March 14. 2012
To whom it may concern

As a fairly new business myself one of my biggest challenges is marketing our line of glass products. Tamara and her team from Metric Design Centre

offered to showcase our glass products in their shop. This collaboration has been instrumental in introducing our glass to the public.

Tamara and her team have exhibited extraordinary creativity while incorporating glass into their designs which has certainly helped us develop our decorative glass business.


Janet Parkinson
(306) 477-0098



I have worked with Metric Design in multiple capacities over the past 2 years.  Initially I worked with them on a commercial renovation project where they provided the design services to the client.  This project was a great success with a very satisfied client and we began working together on other commercial projects.  Coinciding with them opening their design center downtown last summer, we worked with them on a commercial renovation project where they did the design as well as the supply for several aspects of this project.  Working with them extended beyond a business-only relationship last year when I worked with the team at Metric to assist me with my personal home renovation project on a character home restoration.   They assisted me with both the design and supply for several components in this renovation project and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.  It truly has been enjoyable working with their design team over the past 2 years.

Chris Popplewell, P.Eng.

Strata Development Corporation
#251 – 2002 Quebec Avenue | Saskatoon, SK  S7K 1W4
P: (306) 974-2896 ext 102
C: (306) 612-3040
F: (306) 956-3606



March 14th, 2012
Dear Tamara;

Congratulations on submitting your entry for the ABEX awards.
We really enjoy working together with you and your wonderful staff , and hope to continue to work and grow along side you for many years to come.
Looking back over the past year , we both started out as new businesses starting and continuing to grow at an accelerated rate, together creating a niche’ in a custom design market just starting to open up to the wonderful work you do…
And we owe a big part of our success to you… because of the continued work you send our way, which helps us to grow and develop our business.
Looking forward to working together with Metric Design for many years to come

Kraig Ollenberg / Brian Adamiak

Odin Creations

P.S. Good Luck with the ABEX award..We are pulling for you.

March 13, 2012

Decora Homes Ltd.
828 47th Street E
Saskatoon SK
S7K 0X4

Re: Letter of reference for Metric Design

Dear sir/miss,

Metric Design is a business that we would strongly recommend as winner of the New Business Venture. We have worked closely with Metric Design on our most recent Show Home which will be opening to the public in Spring of 2012. They share the same values as Decora Homes when it comes to quality and uniqueness when picking out finishing materials for the home. They are extremely organized and pay attention to detail which means a lot to us as the homes we build are more complex which shows in the final stages.

All of the staff at Metric Design and very pleasant and make you feel welcomed the second you walk in the door. To Decora Homes this is important to us as we are recommending them to clients of ours and would want nothing but the best service which I know they will receive at Metric Design.


Rhonda Iula
Decora Homes
828 – 47th Street East, Saskatoon, SK. S7K 0X4
Office (306) 651-1750 ; Fax (306) 651-1726


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to support that Tamara Bowman and Metric Design are very much deserving of the Sabex award. I have had a great experience in working with Tamara and her team. We are amidst a renovation and every step of the design process and execution of our vision for our renovation has been met with professionalism and enthusiasm. Tamara and her team, which include Bella Vista, have been so helpful and well organized with this very daunting process. The Metric Design studio and the vast availability of tasteful samples and products really simplified the selection process. It is very exciting that a studio of this high caliber is available in Saskatoon.


Annabelle and Laurent Wanson


My name is Ali Bergeron and am a Salesperson at Western Carpet One. I started working with Tamara approximately 8 years ago when she was assigned by a Saskatoon Builder to make selections for projects and new houses. That working relationship has grown to include many different jobs for customers over the years. It has always been a pleasure working with Tamara as she is Professional, Knowledgeable and very Creative. I have witnessed very good working bonds that she has developed with other trades and with customers as well. Tamara approaches every job with her enthusiasm and creative flare as she sees her projects through from start to finish. I admire Tamara’s energy as she has expanded into the beautiful Business that she has created in downtown Saskatoon. I highly recommend Metric Design to my customers as do my colleagues at Western Carpet One. We all wish her continued success.



Working with Tamara Bowman and Metric Design has given me the opportunity to fulfill my career goals in a way I didn’t think would be possible. Metric Design has helped to raise the profile and importance of design, and bring so many new products to Saskatoon. Previously, compromise was an unfortunate reality in my designs, however, with Metric’s constant sourcing of unique, never before seen, and custom made products, the sky is the limit. Tamara has been an incredible role model personally as well as professionally. She has taken the time to personally mentor me in my career. Her constant push to come up with the most unique and personally tailored design for each client has meant success over and over again. I have learned the importance of pushing your own boundaries to come up with the best possible design.

At metric, we strive to learn as much as possible about the products we are working with, and to constantly be on the cutting edge. Every Friday, we bring in local professionals and representatives to educate us about their products and services so we can better serve our clients. As Metric has many of their own exclusive suppliers, we also take great care to foster local relationships with businesses right here in Saskatoon. Metric believes in community support. If you succeed, we succeed. And as such we provide many local products through our store. We strive to promote local artists and artisans, in each project we undertake.




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