Metric Design arrives in style….Living Spaces editions, Saskatoon Star Phoenix

Here is a peek at our feature article in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix. Saskatoon pays tribute to what Metric brings to the field of Interior Design & Interior Decorating.

Filename: Stylefile – Metric Design
Living Spaces Fall 2011 Style File
Run Date: Sept. 15

STYLEFILE: Metric Design
by Jennifer Jacoby-Smith
of SP Creative Services

Metric Design owner Tamara Bowman sits perched on a dove grey chaise surrounded by products she hand-picked from suppliers around the world or designed herself – a white ceramic lamp with small black birds etch into it, an arc-shaped purple couch with patterned cushions, wall-art featuring textured metal illuminated by blue lighting on the edges, a Victorian style chair lacquered in white and upholstered in vivid pink.
Bowman has been involved in design for over 11 years. After training at Pacific Design Academy, Bowman also spent time with industrial designers in Guadalajara, Mexico. She still calls upon them to bring to life the furniture she designs for her clients.
After Bowman returned home to Saskatoon, she began to take on design clients – working out of her home. Business grew and eventually, she realized the need for a retail space in Saskatoon.
“I just felt there was a real need for something more innovative in design, just bringing in stuff from all over the world, just showing people the capabilities,” she says.
Metric Design opened its doors July 4th with three other designers on staff. The aim was to  create a one stop shop for clients, designers, architects, builders, or anyone else looking for inspiration.
The store is comprised of three areas – staging areas featuring products and ideas for every room of your house, a resource centre with samples from various local suppliers, and a design centre with large table for reviewing ideas, blue prints or other project material.
Each area possesses bold colours, startling textures or unexpected details.
“I really believe in colour and texture and how to pull them all together using so many different elements of design and style and every kind of project that I do,” says Bowman. “Nothing I do will ever be simple. Or shouldn’t be anyways.”
The store also carries décor lines from the U.S., Spain, Mexico, and Canada – all hand selected by Bowman.
Collecting everything in one spot makes it easier for designers, not to mention clients that often pay for design services by the hour.
“This is just about simplifying the process for people,” Bowman explains. “It’s hard for them (clients) to visualize the process. They can’t see it all together… So we’ve just tried to eliminate a lot of that legwork and simplify the process.”
Metric Design has also partnered with Brampton, Ontario’s Neff Kitchens – a world class custom kitchen manufacturer – offering custom designs for new homes or kitchen renovations.
“They are capable of doing absolutely anything as far as design and finishes,” says Bowman. “Plus their quality is unsurpassed by anything I’ve ever seen before.”
The addition of such a beautiful kitchen product allows Bowman to deliver superior kitchen designs whether looking for sleek and modern or rich and traditional.
Metric Design offers everything from quick colour consultations for home owners to new home designs, as well as full scale remodeling of residential and commercial spaces.
Every project garners the same enthusiastic attention from Bowman.
“For every client or every opportunity that I have, I just try to think beyond what is usual or what is normal,” she says. “I just like to present some completely unique options to clients. To use design to its fullest. Create these tailor-made solutions that are completely designed for somebody’s needs.”
Even the outside of their 1914 heritage building downtown is a Metric Design project.
“It was just looking so sad. [The owners] have been wanting to do it for a while, so we [handled] the project for them,” comments Bowman.
The updated exterior includes new stonework and a beautiful heavy cornice in keeping with the legacy of the building, located at the corner of 23rd Street and Second Avenue. The building boasts large windows, creating a bright open space to showcase her eclectic creations.
She’s especially excited to be part of downtown Saskatoon. “There’s such a great vibe here.”
Sitting at a white desk with an enormous yellow-framed mirror behind her Bowman looks ready to tackle the next project. “The hardest thing for people to understand is that this is the tip of the iceberg. We are a resource centre. We can just show what’s available as far as just some ideas, maybe some styles, but really the sky’s the limit.”
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