2014 Trend: ‘Urban Alternative’

Without question, 2013 was a big year for modern, urban design. Interiors with clean lines, hard edges, rough wood and metal, and contrasting colours could be seen in both residential and commercial environments. For many, this trend was neither affordable nor livable. In the upcoming 2014 winter season, the trend will be to evolve the past industrial ‘style’ into a more relaxed look that is more available and attainable for design enthusiasts. The following images show how the ‘Urban Alternative’ look has been incorporated within interiors.


The goal here is to blend comfort into the same industrial ambiance in order to create interiors and spaces that are authentic and therefore livable. As shown in the first image, rounded metal stools are repurposed and paired with a warm wooden table to create a livable and functional work or dining space. Similar materials such as reclaimed wood, stone, and metal will continue to be used but in a more relaxed and casual manner.


Exposed brick walls can be painted for visual warmth while concrete floors may be covered with rustic hide rugs or hardwood flooring for physical warmth. Not only does the visual and physical softening of surfaces create a greater amount of comfort, it also encourages physical interaction with such pieces, thereby creating a more livable space with personal touches.


Aiding in the trend for a more livable yet industrial interior, contrasting colours will be replaced by earth tones in order to compliment the rustic ambience of stone and metal. Muted colours such as olive and burnt orange will be utilized as both hard and soft treatments, creating modest interiors in which users delight to spend time in.


Finally, colours and materials are warmed up with exposed filament bulbs. The exposed source gives an antiquated ambiance to an otherwise industrial fixture.

See Metric Design Centre for more ideas on how to create the urban alternative look in your space!




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