5 Ideas for Dressing Your Windows

Dressing your windows is a great way of adding style to your space, they are an important functioning part of your home for a couple reasons, privacy and light control. Because they are so necessary it is important to not overlook your selection during the process of renovating or building your home.

There are many ways you can dress your window, however we recommend using a combination of the following for best results. Many times it happens that window coverings end up being the same on each window, this is not always the best way to go because you as a homeowner have different needs in each space. The Metric team can help you find what options are best for you.

Here are 5 ideas for dressing your windows:

1. Keep it simple with blinds, there are many varieties of blinds for all needs and styles. Some of the variety include the popular cellular shades to patterned roller shades.blinds


2. Window films, are another option that are simple and great for spaces you want to keep streamlined. These are great for a space you want to set it and forget it, you can get them cut to different patterns and opaqueness’s.window film


3. Fabric drapery panels. Now drapery panels like blinds have a huge variety of possibilities. Doing custom panels you have the option of using many fabrics with all sorts of styles from a luxurious velvets to a bright geometric pattern, whatever your style there is sure to be some kind of drapery that would work for you.custom panels2

4. Sheers are another great way to dress a window, this is often mixed with blinds. adding sheers to your windows add a great softness to the feel of a room.sheers2

5. Custom roman shades are another type of window dressing that has a variety of options. You could have a simple texture or have them made in fabric to match your drapery!




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