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{Article from Refined Lifestyles magazine – Volume 2 Issue 5 2017, page 68}

Should we stay in this home, or should we sell it and move? Are you asking yourself this question? Believe it or not, close to half of the clients at Metric Design Centre struggle with this dilemma. Generally, homeowners have an attachment to their house. They know they could love their home even more with some improvements, either functionally or visually. But sometimes, the investment required for improvements scares them enough to consider moving.

Ultimately, only you as the homeowner can decide whether you will “love it or list it.” I start by asking four questions to help homeowners with their decision making process.

1. How long do you plan on staying in your current home?

Ten years or more? I feel a renovation investment to personalize your space is de nitely worthwhile. is could include “wowing up” some of the more well used rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom or living room.

Five years or less? I suggest a few smaller updates to make the home more enjoyable and contribute to the overall resale value the home. is could include updating fixtures, or installing new countertops, ooring or lighting.

2. How well does your current home, yard, neighbourhood and area suit your needs?

This is a big question homeowners need to consider carefully. Are you living in a neighbourhood that meets your location needs? Does your home sit on a lot that your family enjoys, but maybe the house itself needs some work? Are you really ready to risk starting over again somewhere new?

3. How well does your current home suit your priorities?

Where do you spend the most time in your home? Are you an entertainer but your kitchen is small and outdated, or the ow of your house closes o your kitchen from your living room? Are you big into having a personal retreat, but your bedroom is small and uninviting? Do you prefer to lounge with the family but there is no space available to do so?

4. How does budget affect your decision?

Understanding both your budget and the costs associated with “loving or listing” your home is essential. Depending on location, size and finishes, moderate new homes can cost between $300 to $400 per square foot. Plus, homeowners will also be expected to invest money for a driveway, a unfinished basement and landscaping, which could increase the overall price tag to an additional $60,000 or more.

On average, professional renovations of a home may cost between $150 and $200 per square foot, with bigger ticket items such as a kitchen or bathroom falling between $300 to $500 per square foot.

I have found that sometimes people have a desire to move when they have lived in a space for so long they cannot envision how to change it to meet their wants. Metric Design Centre provides free consultations and will help you evaluate the best decision for your situation. Metric provides the Saskatoon market with personalized renovations, with products, interior design, and contracting services all under one roof, streamlining the process and giving back time and removing stress from homeowners.

Whether you decide to “love it or list it” don’t wait — the last thing you want is for 20 years to pass and you have the realization you never fully appreciated your home for what it could be. Start loving your home today.

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Tamara Bowman

Owner & Creative Director

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Metric Design Centre, Interior Design, Saskatoon, Renovation, Best, Millwork, Entertainment center, Hardwood, Area Rug, Living Room


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Love it or list it

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