“Mirror & Influence” The Linkages Between The Fashion Runway & Interior Design World

Article from Refined Lifestyles Magazine – Volume 2 issue 5 2017 , page 8

By: Candace Fox, Article Photos By: Heather Fritz

mirro and influence

“Mirror & Influence - The Linkages Between The Fashion Runway & Interior Design World

REFINED sits down with Metric Design Centre”s super stylish Creative Director Tamara Bowman to talk about the relationship between the interior design world and fashion runway. Taking a not from her own closet, Tamara admits growing into her profession has also meant an evolution in her taste and style preferences. Painting the picture of her own design palette as both and interior design professional and fashion enthusiast, Bowman loves the variety and self-expression both offer. While her approach to choosing an outfit and/or paint colours may differ, it is hard to deny that Bowman’s creative mind loves to dabble and experiment in both her career and her closet.

Considering her own design palette, Metric’s “Queen B” admits her space and wardrobe often mirror each other. “I’m very much about layering different patterns and textures and I think that is evident in my home décor and my wardrobe. There are a lot of elements of nature, warmth and softer fabrics in both,” Bowman says, confessing whole heartedly that she takes more risks in her fashion choices than room designs for clients. While the interior design consultant is not afraid of colour, her fixation on unique patterns, shapes and designs has found her with many one-of-a-kind pieces in her wardrobe.

Very much intrigued by how the fashion runway influences the latest pieces in the Metric showroom, Bowman says the relationship between the two are undeniable. “I think in many areas of the artistic world we see a lot of overlap — especially with colour. When we see a colour trend happening in the fashion design world we definitely see that colour emerge in aspects of home décor, and the easiest example of this is Pantone’s seasonal colours. Same thing with shapes, prints and textiles — and these things could very much be influenced by another area of the artistic world such as architecture,” explains Bowman. Whether it is a poppy floral printed top turned wallpaper or suede shoe inspired throw pillows, the design world sees similar threads weaving in and out of each specialty.


Utilizing unique shapes and textures can translate into an amazing shoe, throw pillow, paintings or statement piece in your home above photo courtesy of Skipstone Films.

With many additional outside influences — including politics, technology and the environment — some obvious artistic expressions via designers on the runway can still make their way into the interior design world though perhaps far less obvious. When it comes to inspiration, Bowman admits external forces are always at play when curating her outfits and designing new spaces. “My design style and my fashion sense are very eclectic and I love that because I believe it truly speaks to how adaptive I can be in my career,” she explains.

Greatly influenced and inspired by graphics and shapes Bowman says she loves looking at unique architecture or objects and tries to visualize them in different ways. “The objects in the world around us inspire me a lot,” she notes. “The size or scale of a building compared to its surrounding can propel me into mind overload. I am constantly trying to expand my creativity and really think outside the box. I never make fashion or design easy — it’s about seeing things from a different angle or perspective.”


Being true to ones’ fashion and design sense is always key — whether during a home makeover or wardrobe redo. The key is to let your personality shine in both, which is often why there are such similarities in the arts world. The fixed variable, of course, being that wonderful human element. “I want to be recognized by the efforts I put into my look and how I present myself as much as I am recognized by the spaces I design because I think both are really valuable and say a lot about what an individual is all about,” says Bowman. Taking risks is important and pushing yourself outside of your design comfort zone can be empowering but just as important, if not more. “More than anything, the spaces I design have to make my clients feel something, and they are a direct representative of who they are and what they love. So for me, the clothes that I am drawn to and the interior design elements that I choose for my own spaces are representative of who I am and says something about me.”

Putting her creative influence in clients’ homes and wherever she might be seen around YXE and abroad, Tamara Bowman is undeniably a walking portfolio of her unique and original design eye.”

Layering different textures, prints and textiles adds dimension in your home and in your wardrobe. Photo courtesy of Skipstone Films.

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