Top 5 Ways to Incorporate Pattern

Adding and mixing various patterns is an important element in giving character and interest to any interior. Although daunting for some, there are several simple ways to incorporate, mix, and most importantly – balance pattern. Adding pattern is a great way to stay on top of trends while still maintaining a neutral or classic interior palette.

 Here are 5 tips for adding pattern to any space:

1. A Bold Jumping Off Point - Often, it is difficult to know where to begin when adding pattern as there is a vast array of options to choose from. Selecting a bold, large scale pattern is a great starting point. Whether it is a geometric or a wide stripe, this pattern can be utilized on more prominent pieces such as a headboard, area rug, or as wallpaper. Additional patterns should compliment this bold pattern rather than compete with it. In the following image, the bold coloured geometric pattern on the headboard acts as the starting point for the nature inspired bedspread and remains the feature element.


2. Classic Patterns Are Here to Stay – Chevrons, trellis, Greek key, stripes, and floral designs – these classic patterns have remained in use for years. Constantly re-inventing themselves, these traditional patterns are now being seen in unconventional applications such as painted floors, shown below.


3. Balance The Scale - Mixing the scale of pattern in a space is vital in order to give the room depth, balance, and to create interest. Whether it is the same or different themed pattern, it is necessary to use both small and large scale pattern in order to bring attention to and compliment specific pieces. In this example, large-scale nature inspired wallpaper is paired with bold chevron accent pillows, and a small-scale throw.


4. Layer It Up - Hand in hand with mixing the scale of pattern, these varied patterns should be used as layers within the same room. Each plane and surface within a room has the opportunity to incorporate pattern. In this example, the hexagonal area rug grounds the space, a tropical throw adds a large scale pattern, and an assortment of small and large scale pillows add the final layer to a bold space.


5. Soften Prints With Solid Colours – Having a neutral background is not only helpful in balancing the impact of a busy pattern, but solid colours on larger pieces enable for the coloured accent patterns to be swapped in and out as the seasons and trends change. In the following example, neutral furniture is used in harmony with a bold geometric wallpaper, which can be easily changed out for a new backdrop.

Your interior is your canvas so play around with it and don’t be afraid to go bold! Stop into Metric Design Centre and see how you can incorporate pattern into your space!



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