2014 Colour forecast

2014 Colours of the year Metric Design Centre2014 brings along fresh and vibrant colour tones that truly provide warmth and vibrancy to any decorating scheme. At Metric Design Centre we believe in adding layers of texture and colour into your decor by using blankets, pillows, drapery and accent furniture. This way you can add and subtract materials as the seasons change. When selecting your fixed materials such as flooring, lighting, cabinetry, and paint, you should select neutral, yet textural items overall, but select a few key pieces for these finishes that you LOVE as highlights. Maybe you select that radiant paint colour or multi-tone wallpaper that truly exude your personal style. Or you could bring in a tile insert, or a really “wow” light fixture. These items are a bit of a commitment as they take a bit more effort to change out, but are truly worth it if they help to tell the story of YOU.

All of the 2014 colours are so great especially when paired together, but we would have to say that our personal 2014 favourites are Placid blue 15-3920, Paloma 16-000, and Hemlock 15-6114.

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