Design and Decor Global Segment- Designing for the Entertainer!

Check out our most recent segment with Global Mornings. This time we are talking about Designing for the “entertainer”. We are talking about the trend that we have been seeing in homes that we are renovating in Saskatoon. People are valuing “open concept” living in their homes as this gives them the opportunity to be apart of group no matter the task at hand. When we are working on providing an interior design concept for our clients we are considering how the clients live, work, and function within the space, so we considering removing walls, widening doors and windows, and re-orientating items to make the absolute best use of the space for our Clients.

We are seeing this open concept living come through in many areas of the home, including the kitchen/ dining/ living room configuration, in basements, and in outdoor living spaces. Working with a Designer can really help you to see how your space can be used to its absolute best potential!

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