How it Works

  • Step 1: Determine which package best suits your needs
  • Step 2: Purchase your chosen package from Metric Design Centre

  • Step 3: Complete the style questionnaire
  • Step 4: Measure floors and walls using measuring guide
  • Step 5: Take pictures of the room to be designed and any furniture that will stay within the space, as well as the adjoining rooms (be sure to get all walls and furniture in the photos)
  • Step 6: Find 4 (only) room images that best describe your style (check out, magazines, etc)
  • Step 7: Submit steps 3-6 to Metric Design Centre by email or mail

Our turn! Our design team will study your photos, drawings and questionnaire in order to come up with the best solution for your space. We will assemble a package with everything to complete the package that you have chosen. Some things that may be included in your package are sketches or drawings, suggestions for furniture, plumbing fixtures, wallpaper, art, paint, and any number of other products, and a simple shopping list for you to make your dream room a reality!

Arrival of your designer package by email!

  • Step 8: Follow the instructions on how to implement your Metric in a box.
  • Step 9: Enjoy your fantastic designer space!

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