Renovation Tips & FAQ’s

What to Expect When Renovating

Chances are good that if you are renovating, there is going to be something hidden under the floor, behind the walls, or up in the attic. There is no knowing what is behind the walls until they are actually exposed. The best way to approach a renovation is with a plan, and the ability to adapt! However, even with the best preparation, there is always the possibility of a delay. Delays can occur due to many things, such as backordered product, shipping delays, changes to the plan, delayed trades, unexpected findings, etc. If you are aware and prepared for these possibilities, you can handle this in stride.

Communication with your designer and/or contractor is also very important. Letting them know your expectations can help to keep the project on track as well as curb unrealistic expectations. If you are staying in the house during the renovation, be prepared for dust, noise, traffic, and limits on carrying out your daily activities. Being aware of what to expect during the process can often make it easier to accept and adapt while your renovation is happening. And always keep in mind that in the end, you’ll have a beautiful new space to enjoy for years to come!

What are the costs of renovating?

The renovation costs are so variable and depend on the space involved, the level of finishes, and the work that is necessary to bring everything to life. Traditionally, Metric’s Saskatoon projects range from $100- $200 per foot when renovating the entire interior living space of a home. This would include mid-ranged materials, products, installations, design, staging, and project management. This can be a good starting point when starting to budget for a renovation that is focused on quality and design. In saying that, many project have been twice this amount, but it all depends on what you are looking for as a consumer.


Why would you want Metric to completely handle your renovation?

This is a great question. At Metric their focus is to make the design needs and wants of their clients a reality. Metric’s team is interior design focused, so not only do you get a great renovation process, you have it custom tailored to you and looking amazing in the end!

Their ultimate goal is to protect your best interests throughout the project. As their primary focus is full renovations, Metric’s design team is experienced and detail oriented and understand the process of what is all involved. They also harmonize the process by bringing everything under one roof- products, services & project management. This way we can ensure that from the drawings to the products, to the installations and client relationships, it is all handled well from the ground up. Additionally, with the help of their in-house Project Manager, our projects have proven to be on-time and on-budget and we offer some of the quickest lead times city-wide.

Furthermore, at Metric they are proactive. They do their best to constantly take the initiative to learn as much as we they about their clients needs. The Metric team is focussed on educating themselves daily on products, procedures and client requests so that they can always put their best foot forward.

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You should ask for help on your renovation when….

  • You want the renovation but need help creating a clear path of how to achieve what you are looking for.
  • You want an great renovation, but just don’t have time for it.
  • You value a well designed space and are unsure how to achieve it.
  • You are concerned about not reaching a satisfactory end result.
  • You are worried about making costly mistakes.
  • You feel like you just need some ‘help’ with the process.
  • You are uncertain about who to hire…who to trust to make sure that they get what they want in the end.
  • You are looking for quality in products, but are concerned about being “sold” something that doesn’t suit your needs.
  • You are worried about going through all this work and not having the appropriate time to dedicate to the details.
  • Your top priority is making something work for your needs, and are worried that your need to feel confident that these are being address and satisfied will not be met.


Who is Metric’s client? Generally all of the following apply as traits of our clients:

  • Place high value their own time.
  • Value a well designed space but don’t quite have to confidence to pull it all together on their own.
  • Looking for innovation in their renovation.
  • Looking for a more simplified solution for their next renovation.
  • Are open minded and are looking to a designer to push the limits a little bit.
  • Value both function and flow within a space.
  • Value the right product selections to suit their needs.
  • Value quality products plus some clean air and environmentally conscious solutions.
  • Value reliability, quality workmanship, and on time and on budget renovations.
  • Value getting the project done right, the first time.


Why work with a designer & contractor together vs. using only a contractor?

Generally, a contractor’s goal is to get you an end result that is in relation to the predetermined contract and to a quality standard that is deemed usual by them. A designer’s focus is you and achieving a innovative and valuable design for you and is proactive in making sure that this design comes to fruition in the end.

At Metric their goal is to bring the 2 professions together seamlessly on our client’s behalf. By designer’s working alongside the contractors, it ensures that the quality is superior, and that the planned design and functionality details are met. Generally as a team Metric is advocating to give their client’s a fabulous end result, by nudging sub-contractors and trades to meet timelines, budgetary constraints, and offer the best possible quality and workmanship to create the innovative designs. This is why although Metric is more than happy to accommodate requests to work alongside client’s own trades and contractors, their most successful projects are when they utilize their own network of contacts for this portion of the project. Everyone working in harmony and up to each other’s expectations is an ideal situation for all parties.


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