Tara Holcomb

Assistant Director / Associate Designer / ‘Vibrant Visionary’

Known for her exceptional eye for detail, and eclectic designs, Tara is Metric’s resident Style Momma.  Being Assistant Director of Metric Design Centre, Tara is invaluable in the successful growth and development of Metric. Her love for interior design has been intricate in the sourcing out of hot new products for Metric and it’s clients, plus she is a headliner for the metric philosophy of ensuring that every client receives a totally unique and creative design approach, where their designer doesn’t settle for ordinary, but instead showers them with extraordinary.    

Tara’s education, background in home furnishings and exceptional customer service became the perfect cocktail for her inevitable transition to the design world.  Her extensive world travels have assisted in honing her already exceptional eye for design.  When not buried in Metric projects, Tara can be found looking after her lovely daughters London & Ruby, planning extravagant children’s parties and indulging in her love of all foods potato.


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