Associate Designer / ‘Design Debutante’

Adree’s design philosophy is to bring natural outdoor textures & elements indoors. Her love for international travel has cultivated diversity within her design style adding to her agglomeration of go to textures and pallets. Adree enjoys looking to Scandinavian or Mid Century Modern design styles for inspiration and balance between soft pallets and shapes to bold textures. Combining these design objectives with Client’s design style fosters a unique end result. Adree is well versed in interior design, new builds and renovations.

Starting her education at the University of Saskatchewan Adree quickly discovered she felt the need to travel before deciding what career path to take. The mud huts within the rain forest of Fiji in comparison to flat-roofed structures sitting oceanfront along the Sunshine coast inspired her to pursue further education obtaining a diploma in the field of Interior Design. In combination with this Adree also obtained her Real Estate license. Adree uses her knowledge of construction and design to guide her clients through the renovation process while being mindful of potential return on an investment. When Adree is not at the office she can be found hustling around from yoga class to a run along side the river, spending time with her friends and family, and if you catch her on a good day speaking with a British accent.