Interior Stylist / Princess of Pattern

Karen’s philosophy when it comes to interiors is “Design is in the details”. She carries this mantra throughout every styling project to achieve a finished look that speaks to her Client’s own personal story and taste. Her goal is to paint a picture of who her Clients are through special touches that flow together to create a harmonious space.

Born into a family of artists and designers, Karen was constantly encouraged to express herself creatively. This lead very naturally to a degree in art and art history which she calls upon for her role as Stylist here at Metric. Aside from her position as Stylist, Karen continues to express herself creatively in other ways, she draws and paints portraits, a pilates master in training, and loves to gather great design ideas during her worldwide travels. When spending time at Metric, she delights her colleagues with an array of impressions including Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrel. Karen is also a Master of the uncoordinated Robot dance.